How does New Media_OpenLab work?

In NM_OpenLab, we work within practice-led research projects. While we are writing down our story within new media (with new media tools, platforms, software, gadgets, etc), our intention is both to understand and invent new forms in new media storytelling. Therefore, our main act is to create concepts within the process of practice-led research.

Here, we dive into the joint stream of theory and practice, which reshape and transform each other and our experiences, perceptions, and understanding.

NM_OpenLab procedure can be formulated as follows:

Step 1:
We establish working groups on selected topics and issues. Each working group develops a new media storytelling idea. (This idea may also be on the storytelling itself.) This idea is structured simultaneously as a new media story idea and a research idea on new media storytelling.

Step 2:
According to the idea, working group develops a new media storytelling project, or a research project on new media storytelling.

Step 3:
(If necessary) We look for funding.
(If necessary) We look for collaborators.
We plan the project process and start working.